Success Stories

Success Story of Mushroom Cultivation

In case of diversification with large scale promotion of mushroom grower of sri vikas tyagi s/o sri chandra prakash tyagi vllage &Tahsil –Garh District Hapur prograssive farmer he was selected for demonstration of mushroom cultivation.Earlier he was civil contracter in Govt.of U.P. after this he was started to cultivation of traditional method of mushroom and he earn low income.

Plan impliment and suport

To keen interest of sri vikas tyagi for cultivation of mushroom at large scale he contact to KVK Ghaziabad (earlier to Hapur tahsil of Ghaziabad).KVK Ghaziabad provided to technical suport for cultivation and marketing of mushroom, somany time practical demonstration faciliated fromDr Gopal Singh Prof.(Plant pathology) & incharge mushroom production unit SVPUA&T Meerut U.P. Mr Vikas Tyagi to started large scale mushroom production in Sept 2017 in the chairmanship of Hon ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Gaya Prasad and supervisionship of Dr S.K,Sachan Director Extension with technical suport of Dr H.R.Singh Prof. &Head KVK Ghaziabad and Dr Gopal Singh Prof.(Plant pathology) & incharge mushroom production unitv SVPUA&T Meerut U.P.


Mushroom production was started at small scale with the technical suport of KVK Ghaziabad.Scope & demond of market he started large scale production and established c with financial suport of bank sri Vikas Tyagi started production from 05 Kg mushroom per day get average rate Rs125.00-130.00 per Kg total income of Rs 625.00-650.00 per day.Now adays he produce average 300 Kg per day in whole years got gross income Rs 37500.00perday expendture Rs 16500.00 , take net income Rs 21000.00 perday and employed 8-10 manpower per day.


Mr Vikas Tyagi is becoming one of the progressive and learned farmers for other regards to high tech & quality mushroom production, popularization with solar base.This technology helps him for livelihood,empowerment and make him enthusiastic regards 15 mushroom production unit establised in Hapur and neghboring district.He is one of progressive farmer after a becoming a part of KVK activities and get their effectiveness for his own development of high tech production and marketing training centre namly Manyuk Agro processing &production centre Garh Hapur .Mr Vikas Tyagi is very happy with this improved production and management technology and set for the example for other farmer of the district.